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Chris Weber – Chisels Over 40 POUNDS of Fat!

I could not have asked for much more out of the ATHLEAN-X program! It reinvigorated my passion for working out, and I generally looked forward to putting my body through the next day’s workout even if I knew there was going to be hell to pay. As a busy commodities trader in a sociable industry, I travel a fair bit and tend to over eat and over imbibe. I had let myself get to a whopping 229 lbs with 27% body fat, at which time I knew that I had to change things up. I had tried INSANITY previously, but got burned out and went on a 6 month no workout and binge eating and drinking routine (if you will – hence, the 229 lbs). So, I began ATHLEAN-X and was immediately hooked as it re-sparked my competitive spirit and athleticism that I had felt that I had been losing ever since high school. Though I was unable to follow the diet to the T as per reasons mentioned above and was only able to complete the program after a total of 4 months (1 month worth of traveling where I did basic workouts based on ATHLEAN-X principles), I was able to drop my weight to 206 lbs with a far lower 17% body fat. Needless to say, I highly recommend the program for not only the duration and intensity of the workouts as well as the principles, but because they are both fun and can yield tremendous results. I am glad to say that I am a fan and was one of the first people who was able to sneak through the cracks and purchase AX-2. Thanks Jeff for steering me in the right direction again. Even now I find it difficult to imagine that I had reached such a poor physique…ATHLEAN-X was the cure!


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