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In November 2009 I had a reality check. As a State Trooper, I know that my job requires me to be at my best, not only for my own safety but for the safety of others… and I clearly was not. I decided enough was enough and I needed to try and get back into my “college shape”. I found myself looking at Jeff’s videos on Youtube and he seemed to just “get it” more than anyone else on there. From following his free workouts and nutrition suggestions alone I was able to drop a significant amount of weight inches from my waist and felt a lot stronger and then I ever had…so I decided to buy the program. As you can see from my photos, I’m a different guy now! Actually, BETTER than my college days! I absolutely loved the program and talk about it to everybody because everyone comments on how good I look now. Thanks Jeff!!! Proud to be on TEAM ATHLEAN!! PS. My wife wanted to say thanks to Jeff too for my short workouts now and of course the awesome benefits it has given me.