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As a firefighter/paramedic I’ve preached to people over the years about staying healthy and getting in to shape, but yet I wasn’t following my own guidelines.

I looked in the mirror one day and saw what I was becoming. I was becoming a person that lived behind my excuses. I felt that I was being unfair to myself, my family, and to the people I serve as a firefighter. When you show up to someone’s burning house, the people expect you to be able to perform your job mentally and physically. Most people have a notion that when a firefighter gets out of a fire truck that they are fit and strong and for a good reason….YOU SHOULD BE! I was NOT!!

Being a collegiate track and football athlete, I decided it was time for me to get back into “game shape”. After months of doing other things, I still wasn’t “seeing” the results I wanted to see. That is when I found AthLEAN-X…and it’s helped me to push my body to the limits I was really seeking.

I personally have adopted this into my fire department workouts and will continue to use them. They play such a close roll to the physical demands I face each day as a firefighter.

I know that the workouts have been effective by the way I look, feel, how my clothes are fitting (the drop in pant sizes, shirt sizes, etc.) and the comments I get from other people every day now…most of all my wife who has said to me I look better than I ever have in the 11 years we have been married (and that is very important!)

I went from 210 lbs down to 182 lbs and dropped from around 20% body fat down to 13% (and my goal is to dropped another 5-6% body fat and continue to gain the lean muscle I have been gaining). I have no doubt I’ll get there with AthLEAN-X! Thanks for everything Jeff!