8 comments on “5 Reasons to Take Supplements… (AND WHEN NOT TO!)

  1. What are the names of your supplements that you would suggest?? and where can i buy them??

  2. Jeff do you have PROTEIN that you recomend or that your website has? Can you recomend some or start providing not just supps, but the protein too so i can just SHOP HERE, and not the name brand chain. Thank you

  3. Thanks for all you do Jeff. I am an ex baseball player(well a ballplayer is always a ball player ha) and a single parent, also in PT. Just wanted to say keep up the good work it is well appreciated.

  4. Hi Jeff, recently I started taking creatine however a I’m a coffee lover I did my research and I discovered 99% of the opinion out there advocating to not drink coffee while taking creatine for the obvious reasons. What’s your opinion on that and while you’re supplementing creatine do u drink coffee at the same time. Thx Jeff for your quick reply

  5. Congrats on you kids! Thanks for the great workout programs and advice. I’ve made strides in weeks with the AX1 program.

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