5 Reasons to Take Supplements… (AND WHEN NOT TO!)

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Are supplements necessary?

Good question. I just put together a video that shows you 5 reasons the answer to that question would be YES!!

AND When that answer would be an absolute NO!!

5 Reasons to Take Supplements (AND WHEN NOT TO!) Some of these may be a little bit surprising. That’s ok. I’m not trying to spare feelings here, I’m just trying to be brutally honest.

Find out if supplements are for you here

why-you-need-supplements-ytThe last one is my favorite. Always comes off as a ridiculous argument that simply doesn’t work. In theory? Maybe. In practice? Not a chance. Give this one a watch. I think you’re going to find it incredibly helpful.



P.S. Yes, I produce supplements that are of the highest quality and effectiveness that they have earned the esteemed distinction of “NSF Certified for Sport”. But guess what? I don’t think they’re right for everybody. See what I mean in the video.

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