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By now you’ve heard… Shoulder mobility is important.

BUT… Don’t forget about how crucial shoulder stability is too. IN FACT… It can make all the difference in how much you can bench press!

Address BOTH mobility and stability of your shoulder with this 1 drill… The best part about this drill is that it can be done in just seconds! AND It will help you to determine whether you are lacking stability, mobility or both.

Test your shoulder mobility and stability with this drill!

shoulder-mobility-drill-for-shoulders-stability-ytThis is one of those things that uninformed trainers will say is “too little” to worry about. That would be wrong. It’s exactly these “little” things others overlook that wind up impacting the “big” things in your workouts. Start caring about them today. You’re joints will thank me later!



P.S.  The shoulders, knees and back take a beating on traditional weight training programs.  Some think it’s expected and normal.  That is so not the case.  Start training like an athlete and stop overlooking the “little” things in your program.  You’ll get bigger, faster and stronger than ever…all while respecting the only set of joints you’ll ever get! Build 100% ripped, athletic muscle while keeping your joints healthy here

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