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29 Home Exercise Hacks (TOTAL BODY!)

If you are stuck at home and in need of some new creative home exercise options, this video is for you. Here I show you 29 home exercise hacks that you can use in any home workout to train your entire body without missing a beat. Just because you can’t get to a gym to get your workouts in doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively train your body.


All you have to do is open your eyes to the possibilities in your immediate surrounding. Many people think that they don’t have enough room or money to afford a good home gym. That’s not true. You can do so many exercises that you may never have realized you could just by using some handy pieces of equipment around your house.


The first is your staircase. In the gym, either a bench or a plyometric box is used to perform lower body step up variations, box jumps and even lunge combinations. The stairway in your own house or apartment complex can be just as useful. You even have the option of stepping up one or two stairs at a time to decrease or increase the difficulty as needed. The upper body can be worked too, such as using it to perform decline pushups for your upper chest.


The kitchen is also an amazing place to find new exercise opportunities. For instance, if you have a corner to your kitchen counter you can do all sorts of dips (for the chest or triceps) as well as hanging ab exercises. Instead of having to hang on a bar at the gym to perform hanging leg raises or knee raises for example, you can simply support your body in the corner and do the exact same movements without having to sacrifice the benefits.


Ever thought about using your hardwood or tile floors to your advantage in your workouts? This is one of the best ways to get your posterior chain muscles fired up. Take off your shoes and leave your socks on. Perform exercises like the hamstring bridge and curl to make your glutes and hams work in concert as intended. Turn over and perform upper body pulldowns for your lats, an area that is often hard to work when you don’t have the normal equipment options from the gym.


Don’t underestimate the value of your doorway either. As long as you have a solid door jamb, you can use it to perform either pullups or chinups. The extra benefit of the climbers grip makes it even more demanding than a normal pullup on your forearm and gripping muscles. The door jamb itself can be used to work your shoulders too. Both the deltoids and the rotator cuff can be trained by either an isometric lateral raise or the home face pull variation just covered in a recent video.


If you are looking for replacements for the dumbbells or weights that you would use at a gym there are actually plenty. One of my favorites is a poland spring water jug. When full, these weigh in at 40 pounds. This can be used for biceps curl variations, one arm shoulder cleans and even shoulder pressing over and back. The extra benefit of the sloshing of the water is that it demands more muscle stability and control throughout the explosive movements making them even more challenging.


Broomsticks, tupperware lids and even your own computer are other helpful things laying around your house that can be turned into exercise machines by the time this video is over. Don’t be afraid to explore all of them. If you are looking for a complete home workout program that you can do without any equipment at all, and have a step by step meal plan included as well, be sure to check out the ATHLEAN XERO program at at the link below.

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