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5 Best Shoulder Exercises You’re NOT Doing!

If you’re looking for the best shoulder exercises outside of the overhead press and side laterals to build your delts, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I’m going to show you the 5 best shoulder exercises to help not only get bigger delts, but to increase the weight on the exercises you’re already doing.


The Z Press is a modified overhead press that has you sitting on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. By taking the lower half of your body out of the exercise, the exercise demands more stability through the core which we often get lazy with in the standard version of the press. The stronger your shoulders get while performing this exercise, the more weight you will be able to press overhead when standing, leading to even bigger, stronger shoulders.


One major drawback of an overhead press is the lack of stretch on the front delt. Without gaining full stretch on the muscle, you’re missing an opportunity for bigger, stronger shoulders. The DB Scoop Press puts the elbows behind the body which puts the shoulder into extension, allowing for stretch on the front delt. By putting the muscle into a stretched position in the same exercise where it goes into peak contraction allows the muscle to move through it’s full range of motion to help get bigger shoulders.


As a bonus, I am including the Jammer. Not everybody has access to this piece of equipment, but if you do, it should become part of your shoulder training. This is an explosive movement that involves the lower half of your body, allowing you to train your shoulders with power while still pressing overhead. Utilizing power will allow you to handle heavier weight which will translate to a stronger overhead press and overall stronger shoulders.


The side lateral raise is a staple shoulder exercise that should be in everyone’s training routine. I often advocate using light weights to increase the quality of the reps and the tension directly placed on the middle delt. However, DB Cheat Laterals allow for you to move a heavier weight to overload the shoulders further. Taking advantage of heavier weight will also contribute to the amount of weight that you can use during strict lateral raises. The DB Cheat Lateral is going to be helpful in building rounded, capped delts.


No shoulder training would be complete if you are ignoring the rear delts. Remember, just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean you can’t train them! The DB Urlacher is a great exercise that not only will increase rear delt size, it helps with shoulder health. With the elbows elevated and behind the body, you are placing direct tension on the rear delt, something that isn’t done with traditional shoulder exercises. The external rotation also means that you are strengthening the rotator cuff which is important to shoulder joint health and longevity.


If you have access to a cable machine, a great way to hit the rear delts (besides doing facepulls,) is by performing the Wraparound Rear Delt Row. This shoulder exercise is great because it not only gets the shoulders into external rotation, but it puts the rear delt on stretch at the bottom position of the exercise. This is an awesome way to hit those shoulder muscles you might’ve been neglecting all this time.

If you want to build not only better shoulders but every muscle in your body faster, then you need to put the science behind every exercise and workout that you do. To get a step-by-step training program that does exactly that, check out our ATHLEAN-X Training System by visiting the link below.

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