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Yeah, this guy definitely looks angry.  And I probably would be too if I had a belly like that!  Sure he’s got a six pack but it’s not necessarily the kind you or I would want to be walking around with when we hit the beach.

If you want a real six pack, you know…six pack abs, then you better start doing something about it.  Actually you better STOP doing certain things that are preventing you from getting it.  Six things to be exact.

Here’s the deal. If you want to get a set of abs that will make people stop and take notice then you have to stop and take notice of what you might be doing that has been costing you your shot of getting them all along.

I want to lay out what I feel are the 6 biggest offenders that most guys are guilty of when it comes to “six pack sabotage”.  Some you may be glad to hear, others you may hate to hear, but at least you’ll know you’re getting the truth (as I always promise to deliver to you guys)…and that makes it much easier to accept and do something about.

So that said, let’s put the hit on the 6  Six Pack Abs Killers so we can put them to rest once and for all and carve out a granite like midsection in just weeks.



I know.  Get the hard one out of the way right away.  Guys…as much as you may like a cold one (or ten) every now and again, especially as the hot days of the Summer come rolling in…you’re not doing yourself or your gut any favors.

I don’t care about light beer options or the argument that vodka has less sugar than other alcohols.  The point is liquid calories are usually trouble calories.  Not only can you consume them in a flash, but often the calories you pound along with the beer (peanuts, chips, dip, etc) only double the inches you pack on the paunch.

Trade in the beer for some diet soda, seltzer (if you want the bubbles without the blubber) or just some good old fashioned water with lemon for some taste.



The rage these days is to treat carbs as the enemy and avoid them at all costs when pursuing six pack abs.  Crazy and ironic.  Ironic because if you are actually trying to cut down on belly fat then carbs are the last thing you want to cut out.  Instead, target the fats!

With over two times as many calories per gram as carbs, fats pack a much more powerful punch to the gut when it comes to adding pounds to the gut.  That said, limit the obvious offenders like cakes, sweets, ice cream, sodas, etc.  These carbs are nothing by empty calories.



You know how often I see a guy try to order healthy and then screw it up with the sides that he orders?  Far too many times to count.  They’ll go to a deli and get a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and cucumbers.  Then they’ll get a side of fries and a soda!  Might as well have had the Philly Cheesesteak!

What may seem like harmless little side dishes can have a huge impact on your waistline.  Repeating this sin over and over and over again adds up…and NOT in a good way.  You’ll see nothing but inches add to your waist if you don’t get this idea quick




It has been shown that the person that starts their day off with a nice healthy breakfast has a much better chance of keeping their sugar stable throughout the day and therefore can be expected to lose fat more efficiently.  Skipping the morning meal puts your blood sugar behind the eight ball and makes it almost impossible to catch up as you try for the rest of the day but unfortunately are running a losing race




Studies have shown that those that chew gum after or before each meal have been shown to not only consume less calories throughout the day but also burn more calories at rest.  And think, you’re parents and teachers didn’t want you to chew the “garbage” when you were growing up.  Now you can blame them for the extra pudge you’re carrying around the middle




Kids will be kids.  Stay up late.  Get up early for school.  Lack a steady schedule of sleep and ultimately….pay dearly for it.  A lack of sleep has not only shown a decreased ability to concentrate, but also impaired driving and premature neuromuscular failure.  It’s this last one that has us most concerned (though I can’t say we’re comfortable with the idea of you being on the road the same time as I am!).

Bad muscle failure wiring means that you can’t accurately push the muscle to fatigue without first knowing that it will be able to overcome the challenge ahead of it. Remember, muscles like to know what’s coming and prepare for it.  Stay up late, get up early and not only will you confuse your own self with what the “right” information is…but your muscles will be confused into no growth at the expense of variety!

Best in health,


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