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If you’re like most…You’ve long ago traded in full sit-ups for planks. After all… Sit-ups totally wreck your spine right? Watch this before you decide.

The legends of guys like Herschel Walker and Manny Pacquiao doing 3,000 situps a day are out there. BUT Is it crippling them by doing so?  Are Full Sit-Ups Bad for Your Back?

full-military-sit-ups-bad-back-ytAs a physical therapist… It’s my job to make sure guys get this right. You may be surprised when you see the answer!



P.S. There are a few key rules to ab training that you never want to break. What I show you in this video is just one of them. Sequencing your ab exercises the right way is another.

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P.P.S. If you’re already a member of or are training for the military, fire dept, police dept, first responders, etc you’ll want to pay close attention to the message at the end of this video! As you know, sit-ups are a huge part of your physical readiness testing.

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