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Let’s get right to it…Is “weighted ab” work a smart thing (or the worst thing!) you could be doing? I answer that question for you here…You’ve likely seen someone doing weighted rope pulldowns…OR Crunches with a plate across their chest.

But that doesn’t make it right! Or does it? The verdict on weighted ab exercises here.

ab-exercises-with-weights-ytLike everything else you do in your workouts. The details most certainly matter!

  • Ab exercise selection
  • Ab workout frequency
  • Ab loading (weights or no weights)
  • Ab workout sequencing

I’m happy to coach you through each and every one of these. And not just for your abs. For everything including your nutrition. Click here for my step by step workout and nutrition plan.

Meantime, I think you’ll find this video to be a big help.

It could save you a LOT of wasted time!



P.S. Abs are most certainly made in the kitchen. Solid nutrition is fundamental to seeing ab definition and the results of your core training. That said, some think eating well has to mean BORING and BLAND! Not true at all!

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