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Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: Week 4 in the “Home Abs Workout” series is here and by now I’m sure you’re on your way to “6 pack abs” in just 90 days! This week we slow it down to get more out of your “abs exercises” and help your abs get shredded. Rep tempo is important in any workout you do, however with “abs workouts” and abs exercises in particular, the fastest way to assure yourself of a 6 pack is to slow yourself down! I know, it sounds like a bit of a strange statement, but the truth is that if you keep your abs firing for longer periods of time and if you keep your muscles under tension, you will get more out of your time in the gym.


The easy solution to how to do this is to watch this weeks video in the home abs workout blitz to see exactly the pace that celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere uses to etch in his noticeable six pack stomach. Copy the pace that he uses as you make your way through this home abs workout and you’ll see how all of a sudden, those ineffective ab workouts you’ve been following can now be supercharged using the principles of AthLEAN-X! When you’re done with this workout and can already see the difference that this type of training can have on your results, then head to to get the total body 90 day training system that Jeff Cavaliere has developed to give you not only the abs of your dreams but also a more muscular chest, arms and legs as you get into your new ripped, muscular and lean body…your ATHLEAN body!

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