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If I told you that you could increase the weight you could squat… INSTANTLY! Would you want to see how?

Well, I just did a video showing you how to do exactly that. Take a look here (Increase Your Squat Now!) As you should know by now… I never resort to gimmicks, “shortcuts” or other bogus B.S. Just real world strength science that actually works.

Squat Way More Than You Do Now (ONE QUICK FIX!)

Increase-Squats-With-Stronger-Abs-ytThe craziest thing about what I tell you in this video is… This flies directly in the face of what people normally tell you to do when you’re performing a lift. See what I mean and feel what I mean for yourself. I think you’ll find this very helpful!



P.S. I include a quick test that you can stand up and do without any equipment at all to show you just how devastating this mistake can be to your squat strength!

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