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With Memorial Day kicking off the “unofficial” start to Summer I wanted to do something to help you guys get ready….I mean “beach” ready.  So I put together what I like to call my “6 Pack Cheat Sheet!”

The “6 Pack Cheat Sheet” contains my simple to follow but crucial elements that must be in place if you want to get your abs (and YOU) noticed this Summer as you stroll the beach, the pool or some beautiful destination somewhere far away when you take your much anticipated vacation! Anyone that orders the AthLEAN-X Training System right now will get access to this super special limited time Bonus!

You will see that I put my handwritten blueprint together for how to quickly get your abs to either start showing or etch in deeper if they already are.  Specifically, when you get your own cheat sheet you will discover:

1.  The EXACT way to sequence your ab training workouts so that you get the most results out of your hard work.

What’s that?  You didn’t know that there is a very specific sequence you should be following to get maximum results from your ab work?  Yep.  As a matter of fact, as soon as you figure out the logic behind this system, you’ll be able to plug in ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE ab exercises so that you’ll have an endless array of effective ab workouts to choose from without suffering form the Ab Blahs that rule with so many of the other same old boring workouts.

2.  My Top 6 Six Pack Sins that are preventing you from getting a set of abs that get attention! Y

ou can do everything right in the gym and stay consistent with your ab workouts, but if you’re committing just ONE of these SIX “Anti-AB” mistakes then you’ll have nothing to show for your sweat but a great set of abs…hiding behind layers of belly fat!

3.  My SUPER 6 SIX PACK AB ROUTINES! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, I’ve put together for you my all-time favorite ab workout routine that incorporates everything that was talked about on the Cheat Sheet.  From the sequencing to the rest periods, to the number of reps…everything is specifically designed and laid out to do just one thing….produce maximum results in the shortest period of time.

Look, I know that we don’t have much time to start getting this done and I know that you will need to look your best in the coming months of June, July and August especially.  So why not get started now and start being efficient with your ab training?  Forget wasting one more rep on an ab routine that isn’t sequenced properly! So there you have it guys (and gals!)…my ultimate limited time x-clusive to you (it won’t be available with the program forever!) to kick off the unofficial start to Summer.

Get your order placed for AthLEAN-X today and I’ll get you your cheat sheet as soon as it’s released this week.

Til then…..Enjoy the long weekend and here’s to your best Summer ever!

Stay Strong,


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