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killer bodyweight exercises

AthLEAN-X is all about getting ripped, muscular and athletic. When you think of the most fit athletes in the world somewhere at the top of that list has to be Olympic gymnasts.

I’ve seen far too many guys come into the weight room pounding their chest about their 400 pound bench press… only to be humbled when they couldn’t translate that into being better on the field (or even in the mirror for that matter since they always had that typical “bloated look that you’ve all seen before!)

pullup variationsON THE OTHER HAND…If you’ve got the ripped core and shear functional strength to be able to pull off a “human flag”, full set of muscle ups, or even a 20 rep set of advanced inverted rows, you (and your physique) are going to command major respect…

Enter this week’s video ==> HOW MANY CAN YOU DO OF THIS “SIMPLE” EXERCISE? If you want to bring any supposed strongman to his knees, all you have to do is ask him to do this one exercise.

As you’ll see after checking out the video…I’m talking about a killer bodyweight exercise (meaning your body is the source of the resistance) that you can do to start building serious muscle!

BUT…Not ALL bodyweight movements or workouts can say the same thing, and that’s because they lack one SUPER KEY element…VARIATION!!

Banging out the same version of the same exercise over and over is NOT going to progressively overload your body enough to cause muscle adaptations!

On the other hand, following a program that not only builds in levels to the bodyweight exercises (to constantly challenge even the most advanced lifter) but also combines them with explosive plyometrics, unique dumbbell combos and lifts, the highest rated meal plan available today and the much needed amount of rest and recovery…

THIS is the fastest way to physical greatness WITHOUT PLATEAUS!! THIS IS ATHLEAN-X!

I’ve said it before…and I tell this to my athletes each and every day. It’s simple. If YOU want to look like athlete, YOU need to train like an athlete, and today’s most ripped and fit athletes train with AthLEAN-X.

Join them today on TEAM ATHLEAN!

Stay Strong…



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