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How to Get a BIGGER Butt? Just Do THIS!!

If you have ever wondered how to get a bigger, stronger butt, you might find that you were missing something in your training. In this video, I am going to explain the benefits of having strong, larger glutes from both a strength coach and a physical therapist’s perspectives, as well as the one exercise that will help you to get a nicer butt.


As a strength coach, the importance of building bigger, stronger glutes comes from how much strength and explosive power comes from these muscles. The muscles in your backside play an essential part in balance, change of direction, running, and jumping. By increasing the strength of the gluteus muscles, your butt will not just look better, but they will help you to perform better overall as an athlete.


Another benefit of building a nice butt comes from the physical therapist perspective. Having weak glutes can lead to pain and injuries throughout the body. Those with weak glutes are prone to lower back pain, hip tightness, and hamstring injuries because these muscles are taking on the brunt of the load that is supposed to be supported by the muscles in the butt. Having stronger glutes will help to alleviate some of these issues as they will be able to take on the load that they were meant too.


When it comes to training benefits, having a nice butt with a strong gluteus muscles will directly carry over to other compound lifts, such as the squat and deadlift. By keeping the glutes strong, you will be able to handle weight more efficiently and generate more force through those muscles to support the lift. When it comes to the squat, when there is a major weakness in the muscles in your backside, it can lead to a desegmentation of moving parts in the lift. With the chest and hips meant to move together in unison, having weak butt muscles can lead to the lower back taking over too much and the result is lifting the bar with your back (which can lead to injury in the lumbar region of the spine).


To help develop a nicer, stronger butt; I recommend that you include the Pullthrough into your training. Start by setting the cable at a low anchor point, grabbing the rope between your legs and stepping out from the machine. Without moving your arms, hip hinge back and allowing the weight to pull your hands back towards the machine. Leaning forward slightly to counterbalance the weight pulling you back, squeeze your glutes to stand straight up. Don’t allow your torso to move backwards at all. If you look from the side, it will look just like you are standing up from a squat. Your shoulders should not move from a vertical line, just like proper bar path. You can also perform this exercise with a band, if a cable machine is not available. By including the Pullthrough into your training, you will notice improved carryover strength to other lifts.


Getting a better butt is not just about aesthetics, but there are athletic, training, and health benefits from building stronger glute muscles. To do so, start including the Pullthrough into your leg training right away and start noticing the benefits almost immediately. Remember, all muscles matter and by putting the science back in strength, we can learn how to train them the right way. If you are looking for a program that overlooks nothing in your training and gives you not just the how, but the WHY behind exercise selection, get the ATHLEAN-X Training System by clicking the link below.


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