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Let me paint a picture for you. You’re in the gym (or at home) training your back…Pulling as much weight as you can handle!! You’re working really hard. BUT…Your back isn’t growing like it should be!

I know why. Let me show you here.

Get-a-Wider-Back-and-Lats-ytWho knew that something two joints removed from your back could be holding you back? (no pun intended) I’ll show you why and how to fix it.

Why Your GRIP Could Be Making Your Lats SMALLER! (Fix it with this video)

Remember…There’s no such thing as isolated back training. Not when…Your back is connected to your shoulders which are connected to your elbows which connect to the wrist!

Enjoy the video.

This could be just what you needed to kick start those stubborn lats.



P.S. I love being a professional strength coach, but it’s videos like these that allow me to bring more to the workouts that not only make exercises more effective…but ultimately help you to get faster results. Imagine what would happen if you followed my exact workouts and coaching for 90 days?

Stop imagining. Start doing. Put A-X in action here today!


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