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It’s Summer time here in the States and I know for a lot of you…that means VACATIONS! BUT…Does taking one mean you have to put your muscles on “shut down” mode too?  Not if you watch my new “Beach Body” Workout I just posted…

With 8 Killer Moves I show you how to essentially “pack” your ATHLEAN-X workouts and take them anywhere you are!  Yep…even to the beach!!

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beach workoutAnd this is the most important point of it all… When you use a program that’s based on “TRAINING LIKE AN ATHLETE” instead of being unathletically stationed in front of a DVD player and T.V.  You NOT ONLY get more results but the freedom to bring your workout with you…ANYWHERE!

And that my friend…Is the key to consistency! And consistency with a premier way of training can produce the most INSANE results in the shortest period of time possible!

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Meantime, hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re doing on this Summer day.

But tomorrow…it’s time to get to work on that new ATHLEAN body!



P.S. I shot this week’s video for you from my vacation in Coastal Canada (Prince Edward Island). Did I spend my whole vacation working out?!? Or worse, looking for somewhere to workout? Not a chance. With ATHLEAN-X I can literally workout anywhere in any surroundings (yep…even with no equipment at all!)

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