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They can make a statement with your shirt on (unlike your abs!)

Problem is… Doing shrugs isn’t the best way to train them.

Watch This – Get Big Thick Traps Without Shrugs

The traps are a fan shaped muscle with broad attachments.

So why are you lifting straight up and down?

Build bigger traps with these 2 moves!

get-big-traps-and-thick-traps-ytWhat’s more? Concentrating too much on this motion in your trap training will lead to a “traps imbalance”. When this happens you put your shoulders in jeopardy of injury. Let’s fix both of these at one time!



P.S. Will deadlifts build bigger traps? No freaking doubt about it. But, those with wider shoulders and longer necks will still have some trouble. That is unless you start including moves like I show you in this video!

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