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It’s a question that even the most experienced lifters asks. “How Many Reps Should I do…”

– to build muscle

– to be more powerful

– to get stronger

The answer changes with each question. Especially with… BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES. See the important answer here. When it comes to building muscle with bodyweight exercises…ATHLEAN-X has it down to a science.

how-many-reps-to-build-muscle-bodyweight-exercises-ytBECAUSE We know how to use “Equalizers” and “Multipliers”!  See how to put this in action to start building serious muscle with bodyweight exercises!

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No bands. No bars. No bench. No bull. Start building serious muscle using nothing but your own bodyweight!

Meantime…Take a look at this video. It should start to give you an idea of just how much more you should be seeing from your workouts.

Have a great rest of your week!



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