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As a physical therapist, it’s my job to evaluate more than just your strength. I need to consider the entire kinetic chain. Why? Because the “little” things that regular trainers miss…Can cause huge size setbacks! Like this “Strength Stealing” Mistake…

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to add weight to the bar? Some classic muscle building exercises just get the better of you? This could be your problem.  Fix this common joint problem in 3 minutes!

how-to-gain-muscle-wrist-ytIt’s videos like this that I love making because it allows me to tap into my therapy side AND…show you just how connected the worlds of therapy and strength MUST BE…If you want to see the fastest results from your training. Give this one a try.

I’m positive it will make a big difference in just how big you can become, if you’ve been limited at all by this common problem.



P.S. You’d be amazed at just how much the “little” things hold us back. I’m telling you, as a strength coach with over 20 years experience, it’s almost always things like I show you in this video that add up to destroy your ability to reach your true muscle building potential. You start to think you’re a “Hardgainer”. Big mistake. You’re capable of much more.

Transform yourself from “hardgainer” to “gainer” by fixing your workouts here!

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