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Some think it’s impossible to come up with a…BODYWEIGHT SHOULDER WORKOUT that hits all 3 heads of your delts. Well… While traveling a few weeks ago, I came up with one out of necessity!  Bodyweight Shoulder Workout – No Equipment

Whether it’s by choice or the fact that sometimes we just can’t get access to equipment. If you don’t want to be skipping workouts…You’ve got to have options!  Train your shoulders anywhere with this!

bodyweight-shoulder-workout-home-shoulders-ytThis is just one example of that. Same can be said for your…

– Chest

– Legs

– Triceps

– Yep…even your biceps and back (there are no-equipment options)

If you want to get a day by day bodyweight plan of attack for each then you want to check out ==> ATHLEAN XERO


Give this one a shot and try some of the new exercises!

Your delts will thank me later!



P.S. As a coach, I realize that one size NEVER fits all! So, I arm my guys with programs that flat out produce results…regardless of how much equipment you have (or don’t!)

Train like an athlete with just dumbbells, a pullup bar, and a band here


Train like an athlete with absolutely no equipment at all here

Regardless which you pick, I’ll be waiting to coach and train you come Monday!

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