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Rounded shoulders (as in slumped posture) is a bad thing. Rounded delts, as in the kind that give you the desired V-Taper and lead to the “capped” appearance of the shoulder is a good thing!!

If you’ve tried everything and just can’t get your delts to look like this, don’t give up just yet!

I am huge believer in the methods I’m showing you in this video. It worked for me and I didn’t start doing this until I was almost in my 40s!

Give this a try. I know you’ll love it.


P.S.  The key to any muscle’s growth is NOT necessarily the exercise you do, but HOW you do it!  See how to get more from less here…

Can’t Build Bigger, Wider Delts? Just Do THIS!!

P.P.S.  I truly feel that the reason A-X gets better results than any other training is because I not only go to great lengths to put science into every workout but I do it in a way that’s simple to follow.  Want to just follow along and get unreal results??

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