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I’m going to ask you two questions that I want you to answer honestly. Ready?

1. Do you do dedicated rear delt training?
2. If so, do you use rear delt flys as part of that?

The correct answer to these questions might shock you!

As you can guess from the thumbnail, I may have some issues with the reverse dumbbell fly. BUT, there’s something way more important than that. That is, what you should be doing instead!

I’m putting the science back in strength (as always) in this one. I’m going to show you exactly what to do and I think you’re going to find this to be just as helpful as my face pull video from last week! It’s a game changer.


P.S.  The key to success on any program is not just WHAT exercises you do (as you’ll see again here) but HOW you do them!  I’ll make sure you get the  most out of every exercise you do.  Let me coach you…

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P.P.S.  If you find this video to be as helpful as the face pull video from last week, do me a favor and share it with someone else you think would benefit from it.  A training  partner or friend you think would want to see it.  I thank you in advance for remembering to do it…

The FASTEST Way to Build Your REAR DELTS

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