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Stronger Deadlift – GUARANTEED! (3 Monster Moves)

I don’t care how much you can deadlift or how long you’ve been doing the lift… It can be stronger than it is right now. How??

By adding these 3 exercises to your routine!

I’m wrapping up my “monster” lifts series with badass K.C. Mitchell. Today, we’re covering the lift with the highest capacity for strength (and the one most of us don’t realize how strong we really are on it!)

The feedback on the bench press and squat videos K.C. and I did has been phenomenal. Lots of people saying how much they have already helped in just weeks. This is no different. Bigger gains on deads is in your near future!



P.S.  One of the biggest issues with the “Big 3” is that we compensate the hell out of them in an effort to increase our totals.  Stop doing that.  Take a step back, build from the ground up and do what I’m showing you here and you’ll not only have a bigger lift at the end, but no injuries from attempting them.

P.P.S.  If you want a program that incorporates the big lifts and helps you to build strength and size (without the compensations) you definitely want to checkout my AX BREAKOUT program here…

Build the big lifts while building rock solid muscle from head to toe here

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