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Tom HardyTraps workout

Long before becoming “Bane” in this past Summer’s Batman sequel blockbuster, Tom Hardy was busy developing a cult following from a lesser known movie (but WAY better in my opinion)….called “WARRIOR”

While his character was definitely a badass, it wasn’t what earned him the buzz. It was his physique… and more specifically his TOWERING TRAPS!

Tom HardyTraps workout secretSee Tom Hardy’s Traps Workout Secret for Bigger Traps.

Whether we’re talking about a fighter (like his role in Warrior) a linebacker, a basketball forward, or a soccer goalie…a big set of traps do more than just make you LOOK more intimidating and powerful they actually MAKE you more of both!

The strength and function of the entire shoulder girdle is influenced by the development of this often overlooked slab of muscle that surrounds it!

You’re going to find in this video that this is something you can do INSTANTLY that will yield much better results than you’ve been probably seeing in your trap development.

And here’s the thing…you SHOULD be seeing the same kind of accelerated / plateau free progress with the rest of your training.

BOTTOM LINE The greatest results are seen when the workout you do provides you with the small, often overlooked tweaks…that when repeated…yield extremely noticeable gains. Don’t leave ANYTHING out of your workouts. Do everything you should in just 20-40 intense minutes with ATHLEAN-X



P.S. Being a physical therapist requires you focus on the details in order to get muscles to perform the way they are intended to. As you’ll see here (watch the difference in how the traps contract when I demonstrate it), getting it right makes ALL the difference.

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P.P.S. Seriously…if you haven’t seen “Warrior” yet, you have to! Much more than a “fighting movie”.

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