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Cute sporty woman using her smartphone standing in sports hallAre you a gym regular? If so, you probably have a list of things you wish your fellow gym-goers just simply wouldn’t do while getting their workout on. Sometimes it seems as if the unwritten rules of the gym clearly needed to be spelled out in a very large font for some people. I don’t know about you, but there are days when I can’t help but wonder why people do what they do. Here’s a list of the things that annoy me most at the gym. This list is in no particular order — I think my mood and the severity of the act committed plays a large role in how big of an issue this probably really is.

1. Please leave your cell phone at home. I’ll admit it, there are days when my phone is either attached to my head or my hand. There are days when I cannot seem to get off of the phone and days where I could probably spend all day responding to e-mails. However, I put the phone in my bag when I head to the gym. Why? Nobody wants to hear me fight with my boyfriend, carry on a conversation with my boss and they certainly do not want to hear me arguing with the cable company…my Internet went down three times this week. Trust me, you do not want to hear that conversation! If you are going to the gym to burn off some steam, listening to some of my conversations would probably stress you out even if they don’t pertain to you!

2. Guys who take predominantly female classes at the gym, stand in the back of the room and don’t participate at all. This situation is only made worse the older the guy gets. If you are looking to catch a glimpse of some butts or boobs, buy a magazine or watch some inappropriate DVDs or videos online. If you are still insistent on taking a class just for the views, at least make it look like you are trying; even if you’ve never heard of yoga.

3.  I don’t want your sweat on my body. Sure, we all go to the gym only to look nice and sweaty when we leave. However, I only want to leave with my sweat on my body. Please wipe down the equipment after each use.

4. If you are going to sit on a machine, please use it. A piece of exercise equipment is not a lounge chair. Either use the equipment or let the next person take their turn!

gym pet peeves5. I wear tight clothes to the gym. It certainly beats big and baggy while you are trying to get in a good workout. However, what I don’t do it wear clothes that are too small for me or way to revealing for the gym. This isn’t the beach, we don’t need to be wearing bikinis. You come to the gym to get bikini-ready, not to wear a bikini! This works for guys too. I’ve actually seen guys in the gym wearing cropped-tops.

6. I don’t want to hear what you are playing on your iPod. Headphones exist for a reason. Play your music for yourself. I’ll be happier and you won’t be in need of a hearing aid before you turn 30.

7. Don’t visit the gym when you are sick! I’m a huge germ-a-phobe. I don’t want you coughing and sneezing on my favorite machines and I think I speak for the entire healthy population at the gym when I say that.

8.  The girl (or guy), who shows up 5 minutes before the start of a class, and places her stuff pretty much on top of mine. We are strangers, our mats don’t need to be touching. 

9.  The women casually walking around the locker room nude. I would by no means consider myself a prude, but practice a little bit of modesty from time-to-time, please! It’s one thing to be temporarily nude while changing, but it’s a whole other ball game when you are drying your hair nude, walking around nude or carrying on a phone conversation nude.

10. Believe it or not, not all girls come to the gym to meet guys. I’ve come to workout. Just because there isn’t a ring on my finger doesn’t mean I’m not involved with someone. If I don’t seem interested, spare yourself the embarrassment!

What’s your number one pet-peeve at the gym?

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