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It’s got to be by far the most neglected muscle group in the body, which is odd considering it’s one of the largest.  It gets the “back seat” treatment when compared to it’s more glorified neighbors the biceps, chest, shoulders and abs.  What am I talking about?  The back of course.  But hopefully with this article, I can start to bring your attention “back” where it needs to be…on the back….in order to help you widen out these muscles, fill out that “V” shape and draw more attention regardless of which direction people see you from!

So before I get into the tips I think it would help us to understand why this muscle group tends to get ignored (so we can learn from this critical mistake and prevent it from happening again).  As cliche as it sounds it’s true…out of sight out of mind.  Because it’s not as visible as say the arm muscles that hang out of your t-shirts, or the abs that you can’t hide when you’re standing in the mirror, the back muscles tend to get overlooked.  That said, again it’s a huge mistake.  After all, unless you plan on keeping the world in front of you for the rest of your life, 50% of the people that see you will be unimpressed.

So let me help you do something about it with my “Top 3 Tips For Creating A Wider Back”.  Actually, they’re more like my favorite 3 workout techniques!  This does come with a warning however!  Employ just one of these and you’ll start to become a nuisance at the movies when people can’t see around you.  Incorporate all three and you might even be banned from the beach since you’ll be blocking everybody’s sun!  That said…..

1.  The Race to 100 Pullups!

Yes, this one is as simple as it sounds…at least in it’s description.  You’re going to do nothing but 100 pullups in one workout.  It doesn’t matter if you’re knocking them out 10 at a time, or singles after fatigue sets in.  Just get to 100.  This shock to your system will keep you sore for days after, but most importantly, growing wider at the same time!

2.  10 Sets of Pullups and 10 Sets of Chinups!

This one sounds straight forward as well.  If only it felt that way!  To determine how many reps you are going to shoot for on each, simply perform a set of pullups and determine what your max number of reps is.  Then, perform a set of chinups and determine what your maximum number of reps is on these as well.  Now, take that number and cut it in half.  This will be the rep total you’ll shoot for on each set.  Now, start by cranking out this many pullups, catch your breath and then immediately get back on the bar (this time with your hands facing eachother) and bang out the same number of chins.  Wait 60 seconds and repeat.  Do this 10 total times and you may see yourself getting ten times wider than you are now in no time!

3.  Go Wide To Be Wide!

It goes without saying that if you want to widen out those lats then you need to widen out that grip.  If you want to train the muscles of the back to broaden their horizons then you need to do the same to yours.  Too many guys get caught in the habit of picking and sticking with the one grip that seems comfortable to them.  They never experiment with anything other than overhand shoulder grip widths.  While this may be comfortable and help you to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting from workout to workout, you’re missing out on the “x-factor” of fitness…variety and muscle confusion!  Grab that bar well outside you’re normal grip and you’ll stress your back in ways you’re not used to.  All new muscle fibers will be awoken during this slight grip change and could quite possibly change that once stubborn back into an immediate responder.

So that’s it.  Start switching out some of your tired old back routines for one of these three and start seeing all new progress!  If nothing else but for a shock to your system, you will find that adding just a bit of variety into your workouts can help you spring some life “back” into that “back” of yours as you add width and muscularity to these once overlooked muscles.  Now, no matter what angle people see you from….they’ll be impressed!

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