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Personal Trainer Certificate

I’VE HAD IT!! Honestly.  I care so much about my profession, my business and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals but sometimes I have to say, I’m embarrassed to be labeled a “PERSONAL TRAINER”.  Of course, as you guys all know…that’s really not the case anyway.  As a licensed physical therapist and having served in that role for a major professional sports team (New York Mets) for three years simply calling myself a personal trainer would be selling myself short.  But that’s not what is bothering me.

What does eat at me is that it seems everywhere I turn online these days there’s another so called “fitness expert” asking you for your money so they could give you their secret for creating bigger muscles and burning fat.  The worst part is, for most of them, they’ve never looked an actual client in the eyes in the real world, never designed a program that has actually been tested on real people, never been hired by anybody to perform the job that they claim to be so proficient at, and instead….hide behind their bogus “Certified Personal Trainer” certificates that they got at a weekend course that they spent a few hundred bucks getting (so that they could then charge you hundreds for their bogus services, coaching programs and products!).

Sorry To Vent…

I know it may seem a bit out of character for me to be venting here….and believe me, I’m not entirely comfortable doing it.  But in the months since I began putting my workouts up on youtube and making my AthLEAN-X Training System available to you guys you can probably imagine that I’ve been asked lots of questions about how my program and workouts are different than some of the others that are out there that you seem to be inundated with week in and week out.

As I always promise to you, I set out to educate myself about every program that is being offered out there so I can give you an honest response.  But that said, I may never get a break from reviewing since  it seems like every other day a new found “Fitness Expert” is putting out their cure for all that ails you.

Who Is “The Fitness Expert” Selling You That Program?

All I ask you guys is that before you drop even one cent of your hard earned money on ANY of these programs I want you to ask yourself just one question for me. WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY SELLING ME THIS PROGRAM?!? What are his credentials?

At bare minimum they should have a college degree in a related field…but even more, what have they actually DONE with that degree.  That’s what is important. Remember, not all Exercise Physiology degrees are created equal.  Who has he trained? Not good enough to say you’ve trained your cousin, your buddy, or even yourself to superman status.  Let’s see some real results with recognizable people who don’t have an agenda or reason to benefit.

Finally, and most importantly…would this person exist if the internet were to disappear tomorrow? If you’re answer to this question is probably not, then it’s time to close out of that email, website or whatever else it is you’re reading since you’re most likely dealing with yet another of the millions of online “fitness experts” looking to take your money.

Again guys, I’m sorry for the bluntness of this post and for being a bit out of character.  As you all know me by now, I’m as level headed as they come.  But enough is enough.  I realize you guys have chosen to follow my program and listen to my training advice for a reason, and I’m very respectful and appreciative of that.  I just figured you’d appreciate in return an honest opinion from the guy that promises to always give you nothing but that.

Thanks again for trusting in me and I will continue to work my butt off every day to bring you nothing but HIGH QUALITY, PROVEN, WORKOUT PROGRAMS AND NUTRITION PLANS that you can rely on for years to come to get you in the best shape of your lives.

Whew!  I feel better already!

Stay Strong,


PS.  If you’ve found yourself as frustrated as me with this stuff, feel free to comment below.  Trust me, it feels good to get it off your chest!