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belly fatWhat’s up guys?  Hope you enjoy this all new blog I’m committed to bringing you day in and day out!   I want this to be your source for all things health, fitness, workouts, nutrition, supplementation and I’ll even throw in a little sports (it is baseball season after all, and it’s hard to take the love of the game completely out of me!).

Think of it like the AthLEAN-X Newspaper (now there’s an idea!) Anyway, I wanted to use this first article to write to you about something a bit scary.  Nah…no propaganda in this article, but I do have to bring you the cold hard facts.

The Bad News…

As a physical therapist and fitness professional it’s my duty to bring you the information (good and bad) to help you become healthier, stronger and more fit.  Well….here it goes.

YOUR BELLY FAT MAY BE KILLING YOU! I know, some of you might be saying…”My grandfather had a big belly for years and wound up living until he was 85!”  True.  It happens.  Or should I say…it happened?  It turns out, for some reason life expectancy has been going down for those that have been identified as “belly fat carriers.”  Is this you?

The problem is that once you let yourself go too much, and people start asking you if you’re smuggling basketballs under your shirt….it’s really hard to do something about it.  The reason is that your fat cells in your body have the ability to expand to about 100 times their size!!  And, once they have…it’s virtually impossible to make them go away.

Reminds me of an old college roommate I had.  Came in, ate all my food I brought from home….gained a bunch of weight doing it (I think in his case…the Freshman 50!) and then seemed like he had no intentions of graduating or ever leaving. Don’t let your fat cells become “THAT GUY!”

Start Doing Something About It Today

Be honest.  Do you look anything like the guy in the picture above? Start doing something about it today.   I don’t care if it’s as simple as tuning into my blog here everyday and finding one new nugget of diet information that you can start to follow quickly and easily, or a new ab exercise that motivates you to get in the gym, or a new post I put up that scares the living crap out of you and makes you get your act together 🙂

Whatever it is…do something about it.  Be proactive.  Don’t let these fat cells multiply and expand like the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man.  X-ecute!  Take action.  Be AthLEAN!

Best in health,