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I know there is always a lot of confusion out there when it comes to what new supplements are not only safe, but worth your hard earned money.  The problem is….more often than not, you’d be better off saving those bucks to spend them on some real food instead of an overhyped fad.

Well, in the case of ANY of the Nitrous Oxide supplements, I’m begging that you respect my professional opinion on these things and do just one thing for me the next time you see an ad that makes you ever so close to ordering one……and that is…..RUN THE OTHER WAY!

Nitrous oxide supplements are currently the hottest supplement in the industry. What is it about them that has everyone talking?  Is it the vascularity that it promises to deliver?  I highly doubt it, considering you have to be significantly on the lean side already in order for this to be a possible result.  Is it because it helps you to build big muscles?  Again, doubt it.  The products are almost exclusively made up of mega-dosages of arginine (an amino acid), and the last time I checked mega dosages of aminos in abundance won’t do anything to add muscle size (see glutamine) but they may help with recovery.

So what’s going on?

Well, arginine is a known vasodilator.  This means that when you take the 3000 mg of arginine that is in both of these products you will get a massive opening or dilating effect of all the blood vessels in the body.  Did you hear that?  Not just the blood vessels traveling to the muscles that you’re working but ALL muscles AND organs.  So, even though you might wish you could isolate this effect in say…the biceps…your heart (the most important muscle in the body) and the brain (arguably the most important organ in the body) will not be able to selectively exclude themselves from this flow.  Start flooding your brain with blood and funny things start to happen.  Concentration is impaired, headaches can occur, dizziness can persist, etc.   Think the supplement is trying to tell you that it might not be what you thought it was cracked up to be?

Want to make this even scarier and more disturbing?  The other most active ingredient in these two products is caffeine.  Sure, maybe not the actual caffeine, but the herbal derivatives that are acually more unregulated than caffeine itself and yet to be determined how much more dangerous they can be long term to your body.  But wait…it gets worse.  Caffeine (or it’s derivatives) are vasoconstrictors.  They constrict the blood vessels and limit blood flow.  This is in direct opposite action to the nitrous oxide.  Start playing these games of tug of war with the super important muscles in the heart and the next thing you know you’ll be the one losing (your mind that is) when you experience palpitations, flutters and even spasms.

What’s that you say?  You can’t find how much caffeine is on the label?  I’m not surprised.  There is no need for the companies who manufacture these products to report this information.  It’s viewed as a byproduct or “add-on” ingredient and therefore doesn’t have to be regulated by the FDA!  I told you this got scary didn’t I?

No wonder guys were flocking to this  pre-workout  concoction?!?  They probably weren’t even actively choosing what to take and were more likely brainwashed in what needs to be taken instead.   Regardless HOW it became the people’s choice the important thing is that it quickly becomes the people’s CHUMP!  Start skipping this supplement alltogether the next time you find yourself in GNC and ready to be lured into the hype and you, your heart and your wallet will be glad you did!

Best in health,


The AthLEAN “X” Training System Creator

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