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One of the most valuable types of workouts I can ever provide you with is one that you can do using just your own bodyweight and very little else…particularly in the way of equipment that you must purchase.  Well….what better way than to show off our resourcefulness than to take on the masters of using whatever they could to get the job done…THE A-TEAM…to put together my version of the ultimate A TEAM (TEAM ATHLEAN!) Workout.

Using just a playground, a lot of creativity, a good deal of ab strength, and a bit of determination…I was able to remove the excuses and get in one of the hardest but most productive bodyweight workouts you’ll see in a long time. Check out the video below to see what I mean.


Told you that other “A-TEAM” had nothing on us!  Now, if you haven’t already decided to come on board TEAM ATHLEAN then you can do so today by heading to and getting your copy today.  This 90 day training system, developed by me as a direct response to the question I always get about “What I do with my professional athlete clients to get them ripped and ready for the big game?” Question answered!  Get started yourself on the AthLEAN-X Training System and see how much you can change in the next 90 days!

Stay Strong,