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It always makes me proud when another “TEAM ATHLEAN” member sends in their before and after transformation and proves yet again how effective the program can be…regardless if you’re a hardgainer needing to build pounds of muscle or a heavier stockier guy who desperately wants to “cut up”. That being said, what I find amazing is the number of guys just like Luis Ochoa who still think that working out for hours each day (3 hours a day in Luis’ case!) is the express ticket to results! If you’re one of those guys (yes, you’re included too even if you think that 60 minutes are necessary), then please be sure if you do nothing else, read the next couple paragraphs! It can save you a ton of wasted time in the gym and make a you much happier person when you start seeing results you haven’t seen in years of training.


There’s no denying that the “more is better” mindset rules our society. More money, more land, more respect, more dogs (alright I threw that last one in there as I sit on my couch writing this with my 3 black labs huddling close by) etc, you get the point. Well, in the world of building muscle it’s the same. More reps…more muscle. More strength…more muscle. More workouts…more muscle. More time spent working out…more muscle. Problem is, that kind of thinking is the fastest way to an “OTOD”, or overtraining overdose! If you’re a natural drug free weight trainer (which I’m hoping you are for many more health reasons beyond just the repercussions felt from overtraining) then unless you’re paying careful attention to your overall lifting workload you are constantly walking the fine line of doing too much and seeing very little in the way of results in the mirror! Think of it this way. When’s the last time you had a headache? Did you take one or two aspirin or tylenol? If so, how’d you make out? Headache probably went away. Well let me ask you this. Why didn’t you take the whole bottle?!? More is better right?? Obviously the answer is no, and if you did, you’d probably experience the “pump” of your life, as your stomach got pumped in the emergency room as part of one MAJOR detox!


Well, listen to Luis in his own words and he’ll tell you exactly what was holding him back all these years…too much time training! 3 hour workouts?!? Shoot…that’s three times longer than even the hour workouts that I say are far too long and contributing to overtraining.

Not only did Luis figure out that “less is more” when it comes to volume and time spent training, but the increase in intensity that he experienced with ATHLEAN-X (that he had never been required to put out in all the other programs he used) led to him adding significant amounts of muscle to his chest, shoulders and arms as well as helping him to FINALLY see that elusive six pack! You see, when you train HARD there’s no reason to train LONG…in fact, it shouldn’t even be possible!


As a matter of fact, with ATHLEAN-X the days of 3 hour workouts, 2 hour workouts and yes even 1 hour workouts are gone. Give me 3 hours of training in an entire week and I’ll show you much better results than you’ve seen at any time since you’ve first picked up a dumbbell (yep…just like Luis!). It’s about blending smart exercise progressions and new levels of intensity you probably haven’t seen with a step by step method for putting it all together. It’s truly a S-Y-S-T-E-M, and one I don’t believe YOU can fail on. If you’re ready to start your 90 day transformation, feel inspired by what fellow “TEAM ATHLEAN” member Luis Ochoa has accomplished and you’re pumped about the possibility of filming your own video and sharing your own pictures just 89 days from now…then let’s go! I’m here to coach you every step of the way. Looking to make you our next big suXXess! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ATHLEAN-X 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION!