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I don’t care if you are a certifiable genius and have an IQ of 150…You’ll never be as smart as your body! When it needs something…It will take it from you. Even if it means costing you those sought after muscle gains! See 5 of the biggest workout cheats here

I literally could have included hundreds of exercises in this video. Because our bodies literally try to cheat on every single one of them! Are you a “master of compensation”?

workout-cheats-why-you-cant-build-muscle-ytDon’t worry…You’re not alone if you find that you’ve done some of these. So have I. All of them.

But if you want to change how fast you start building muscle and seeing results…

You’re going to want to watch and start making some changes.



P.S. I used to think building muscle was all about just moving weights (without regard for how they got from point A to point B). I couldn’t have been more wrong. Let me teach you exactly what I learned and how it will help you build much more muscle…

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P.P.S. Compensations are bad enough when they are caused by weakness, but even more harmful when you’re trying to work around joint and muscle pain. Stop letting your gains be restrained by pain! Check out ATHLEAN-Rx MECHAN-X for faster joint recovery.

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