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If you are a natural, drug-free lifter, which I hope you are…

You better respect your “recovery”!

Take this 3 second test to see how well you’re recovering from your workouts…

Home Recovery Indicator Test (3 SECONDS!)

We measured this with every single athlete, every year in Spring Training.

I’m going to show you how to do the same without needing any expensive equipment.

Are you recovering from your workouts? Take this 3 second test to find out

overtraining-and-muscle-recovery-grip-test-ytThere’s two ways to look at your test results… AND Both are very important to your long term gains! Try this one out. I think you’ll find it very easy and insightful!



P.S. Unassisted, drug-free lifters absolutely have to monitor their recovery if they want to see plateau-free results. Either that, or follow a workout that programs its training cycles to help you avoid plateaus. That is one of the biggest strengths of ATHLEAN-X.

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