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hugh van liewI must get the question sent to me at least 15 times a week.  “Jeff…am I too old to start AthLEAN-X Training?” It’s a fair question.  After all, in our society people have been made to feel that your aging is a form of a death sentence for crying out loud.  What’s that?  You turned 40?!?  Time to start picking out a casket!

C’mon, it’s time to snap out of that type of thinking and start LIVING life to the fullest yet again. There’s no better way to start doing that than to FEEL your best each and every day…and it starts with your strength and health!


Hugh Proves You’re NEVER Too Old

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce everybody to Hugh Van Liew.  That’s Hugh on the left.  Hugh has been following the AthLEAN-X Training System now for almost 8 weeks and has been doing an incredible job to say the least.  He’s managed to drop some excess weight from around his midsection that he swears had just seemed to be stuck there forever…and totally and obviously defies the logic that you can’t BUILD muscle as you get older.

Check out those arms! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention….Hugh is 80 YEARS OLD!!!! That is 8 freaking 0 years old people!!!

Just goes to show that age truly is a state of mind. I happen to have been blessed to have grown up with a grandmother who felt the same way about life.  Nothing stopped her and nothing slowed her down.  Even today at age 84 years old she’d be confused for a 60 something year old! The key to her success was staying active and keeping a youthful mind.

If you think that you’re NOT SUPPOSED to be lifting weights as you get older (because that’s only something that “younger” people do) then you’ll fulfill that prophecy and FEEL OLD!  On the other hand, if you think that as long as you’re feeling good, are in good health and have the ability to keep yourself feeling that way by engaging in regular exercise….then whey the hell not?!? Remember….age doesn’t make the rules…it gives you a reason to break them!

Stay Strong,


Time to break the rules with the AthLEAN-X Training System.  Do your genetics say you can’t build muscle?  Time to artificially rearrange your DNA with AthLEAN-X!  Does years of having to deal with stubborn fat around your middle condemn you to a life of never being able to finally get rid of it?  Nope…not if you’re following the right meal plan/exercise combo.

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