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Bodyweight and Mass?

You might be asking… “Jeff are you sure that those two words belong in the same sentence?”

Hell yes. IF… You know how to choose the right exercises!

Use this exercises to add serious size to your tri’s

There is a common misconception that weights are the only way to build muscle.


Your muscles don’t know what you’re lifting. They only know whether what you’re doing is hard…enough!

Best Bodyweight Exercise for Triceps Mass!

bodyweight-exercise-for-triceps-mass-ytBodyweight Wednesday is here (on Thursday!)

Sorry about that.

Life has been busy of late with my daily trips to the NICU to see my boys.

That’s the reason for the white bands on my wrist for those that have been asking. So although a day late, I’m bringing the goods on this one. This will really help you bulk up those triceps!



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P.P.S. Don’t forget to listen to the key message delivered in this video about exercise selection. It’s the difference between doing bodyweight exercises and GROWING from bodyweight exercises!

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