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If you’ve picked up any fitness magazine in the last decade you’ve undoubtedly been told to…”START FOAM ROLLING!” BUT…What if that advice isn’t so good? See what I mean here.

For instance, did you know that not only is there a CORRECT direction to roll for each muscle But…That rolling in the wrong direction could be way worse than not rolling at all! Should You Be FOAM ROLLING? (Not so fast!) See why I say this here.

foam-roller-exercises-ytAs you’ll see…It’s one of those things just like the exercises you’re doing, the foods you’re eating, and the sequencing of your workouts that you have to get right… IF YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS.

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Meantime, you may find this video to be a bit of an eye opener. Especially if you’ve been foam rolling lately.

I think you’ll find this one really helpful.



P.S. They say too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Well, even a little bit of a bad thing can be a very bad thing!! Are you getting your foam rolling wrong? Could you be getting other parts of your training wrong? You don’t need to be. Let me be your coach…

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