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One of the biggest myths about bodyweight workouts is…They can’t help you build SERIOUS MUSCLE! Well…Actually it’s true unless you get a few things straight! You forgetting this with your bodyweight workouts?

In this video I show you exactly how to apply this important technique for a KILLER CHEST WORKOUT! And…It requires absolutely NO EQUIPMENT! Are you training your chest hard enough?

bodyweight-chest-workout-and-exercises-ytI always say you can train hard or you can train long BUT…You can’t do both! Train bodyweight harder then ever with ATHLEAN XERO And…See faster muscle building results than ever imagined!

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P.S. The “X-tended” technique I show you in this video is just one of the principles we use in the ATHLEAN XERO program that allows our program to deliver such fast results training with just your bodyweight! Wait until you see the “Xero Sum Principle” and how it forces (and guarantees) steady progress!

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