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Never one to back down from a challenge…A member of TEAM ATHLEAN issued the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to me. I answered.

Sure, I got soaked. And froze my nuts off! BUT…It’s not about the water or the video. It’s about the cause.

athleanx-ice-bucket-challenge-ytI donated a hefty sum to the ALS Organization to help those I personally know who have been afflicted by the disease…and those I don’t.

I invite you to do the same.

Any amount will help and I’m sure all donations are appreciated.


You may consider this payback for some of my hard a** challenges I’ve thrown at you in my A-X programs!

Enjoy the soaking!



P.S. Like everything else, I would never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself. Well, as you’ll see, I’m drenched and I donated! Will you follow my lead?

P.P.S. Challenges don’t just drive me, they are a major part of every one of my programs. Objectively see where you stack up against yourself and your peers with my famous “A-X Challenges” in every A-X program.

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