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Fat Burning “Bro-Science” (SWEAT MORE | BURN MORE!)

With Summer just around the corner… You may want to think about kicking your fat loss into high gear.

Is sweating more in your workouts the secret to faster results or is this just outdated fat burning “broscience”?

Regardless of whether you have 5 lbs of fat to burn or closer to 30 lbs… The info here could help you get there much faster! And even if you are already ripped to the bone, this is just good to know you can help out a friend.


P.S.  This is just another example of ATHLEAN-X putting the science back in strength.  If you want to see not just the best results from your training but the fastest ones…you need science to help you get there.

My 90 Day Science Proven System for Muscle Gain | Fat Loss

P.P.S.  I’m betting that there are at least 5 people you know who NEED to see this video.  This one could settle a lot of debates you may have had with them when it comes to burning fat.  Do me a favor and share it with them.

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