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workout musicI have to admit guys. It’s not EVERYDAY that I feel like I’ve got the energy to put in my best effort to get an incredible workout in. I know…to some this may come as a shock, but to most…you’re probably thinking “whew…that makes me feel better”!

The fact of the matter is that sometimes I’m just plain tired and my late hours spent writing my blog (which I love doing by the way!) can tend to catch up with me! So what do I do? For me, skipping workouts is NOT an option.

I just don’t feel like it’s the answer (unless you’re sick of course or that you’re following some other training program that never gives you a sensible day off to recover!) So instead, I turn to one of the most instant forms of energy I know. No…not some crazy 1,3 Dimethyl loaded preworkout supplement (more on my thoughts about this latest rage in a later post). No, I’m talking about a more “natural” form of motivation and inspiration…..MUSIC!

Instant Energy for Your Workouts

Maybe it’s my love of music that makes me susceptible to it when I’m feeling a bit off and lacking the “Eye of the Tiger” (oh yeah, you can bet that one is on my list, after all…I’m a product of the 80’s and 90’s), I don’t know. But what I do know is it tends to work like a charm. I can just flip in the earbuds and I can go from just showing up for a workout…to attacking it!

You guys know how important I feel it is to push yourself in your workouts. After all, to cause change in your body you need to give it a reason…a clear cut “in your face” reason to do so. Remember, you want the muscles to essentially say at the end of the workout “Damn, I’m not sure I’m too crazy about how that made me feel. That was hard! The next time this guy tries to do that to me I’m going to be more ready to handle it”. How does it get “more ready”? By building itself back stronger and more resilient. The essential stimulus for muscle growth.

That said, I figured I would throw together MY list for my ALL TIME favorite workout songs. I figured, even if you found at least 1 on here that you can add to your playlist, you’ll be happy you read this and maybe even tolerant of the other 9 that you didn’t like! I know, musical tastes are very individual so everyone will have their own spin on this. That said, let’s share some together. Check out my Top 10 and then SHARE SOME OF YOURS! It’s time to pump up the volume (and the intensity) as you power your way to your AthLEAN body! Enjoy!


(as voted on by ME!) – Add your suggestions to the comments below!

10. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

9. Theme from the movie “The Rock” (seriously…seek this one out and try it!)

8. Let’s Get Loud – J-Lo (I liked her long before American Idol…do you blame me?!?)

7. Sabotage – The Beastie Boys

6. Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones

5. ANYTHING from the Rocky IV Soundtrack!

4. I’m On Fire – Lloyd Banks / 50 Cent

3. Get Free – The Vines

2. Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N Roses

1. Enter Sandman – Metallica

Feel free to comment! Just be sure to go easy on the J-Lo jokes. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Stay strong…