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4 exercises.

Hit every muscle from your fingertips to your shoulder blades. How long can you hang for? Will you give in to the burn?

The “ARM HANG MEDLEY” is here This is actually one of the events you’ll be competing in if you head to the ATHLEAN-X LIVE event just 8 weeks from now. Will I see you there?

Try the ARM HANG MEDLEY before the event!

ultimate-forearm-workout-for-bigger-forearms-ytJust another example of how it’s important to train for much more than just big muscles. When you train like an athlete… Your muscles come up big when you need them the most!



P.S. The focus on complete arm strength seen in this video is just one of the many strengths of the new Ultimate Arms program from ATHLEAN-X. Click here to build your own set of Ultimate Arms in the next 6 weeks.


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