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lebron jamesOK, so maybe this is a stretch…but with Lebron James just finishing announcing that he will be making his way to South Beach this October to play for the Miami Heat, he just threw upon his already huge shoulders a whole new level of expectations (if that’s even possible for the guy that many think is the greatest player in the game today).

By completing the mini version of the “dream team” by signing just a day after buddies Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade joined forces, Lebron has now placed the target squarely on the backs of the Miami Heat franchise as the team to beat in the NBA.  Don’t believe me?


The Heat Is On, Lebron!

They already have computer projections predicting the Heat to finish 69 and 13 next season!! I kid you not.  Rumors however that crosshairs would be sewn into the Heats logos are not true….yet!

The point of all of this is, that while in Cleveland…Lebron James had the opportunity to shine and excel and nearly took his team to a championship.  He failed to do so however.  The reaction to all of  this in Cleveland was….”oh well, he tried and he played well.  We’ll get em next year”.

Ummm, not going to work from now on.  It’s put up or shut up time now.  If Lebron and the Heat don’t win next year…and by that I mean win it ALL, then the year will have been a disaster! How’s that for pressure?

He’s elected to put himself in this position.  He would have been doing the same thing had he decided to come play for my nearby Knicks as well, since in New York he wouldn’t have ever had a bigger spotlight.  As Alex Rodriguez can tell you, it isn’t easy being a star in the Big Apple!

So what does all of this have to do with YOU?  I’m glad you asked.  A lot!


So, How About YOUR Follow-Through?

Think about how many times you may have quietly and privately decided to yourself that you were either going to start a new diet or workout plan? Raise your hand if you might have decided this about 50 or more times in your lifetime.  Ok, now…consider how many of those times that you thought of it did you actually follow through and actually start it, let alone complete it?

Probably not too often huh?  The reason for this lack of action was the absence of accountability!

Accountability is quite possibly the biggest motivator that we have to get things done. When we feel that others “expect” a certain performance of us (whether it be on the job by our bosses, in a relationship with our spouses, or on the court or field as an athlete) we tend to put more effort in, give up less and t0ugh things out more when the temptation would normally have been high to quit.  Why?  Because we don’t want to let others down or make them look at us as failures.

So what can you do to take advantage of this?  Well….next time you decide you’re going to start a workout program (like AthLEAN-X) or begin eating healthier do just one more thing before you start.  Tell somebody. As a matter of fact, tell two or three people.


How To Raise Your Own Accountability

Tell your family, your friends, the local newspaper!  Tell anybody.  What this will do is put the significance of your goals on an entirely different level.  Now, you’re not just challenging yourself to stick to your plan, but you’re challenging others beliefs in your ability to stick to your plan.

It’s a whole new game.  With this one little added step you go from the Lebron James in Cleveland to the Lebron James in Miami…in the fitness world of course.  You’ll find out quickly how serious your intentions are to get fit.

By raising accountability you are voluntarily putting that target on your chest, but this can be just what the doctor ordered to finally get you over the hump.  Like it or not, we are usually driven by criticism.  Haven’t you ever been called something or labeled as something that you felt was just blatantly wrong?  What did you do?  You fought like hell to prove that they were wrong.

Without ever having heard that criticism, you may have never gotten the motivation you needed to kick start your action.  Well, by telling those around you that you are beginning your body transformation you are basically slipping on a number 23 Miami Heat jersey!  What happens next is up to you?  Will you rise to the occasion and finally succeed at something that to this point has been a struggle or will you fall short of your goals yet again?

It’s in your hands.  Lebron likes his chances.  Armed with AthLEAN-X, its day by day meal plan and a bit of accountability to succeed…I like yours even more!

Stay Strong,



Challenge yourself to accomplish things in the next 90 days that have been a struggle for you for years.  Commit yourself to becoming just a little bit fitter, a little bat stronger, and a little bit more muscular every day and in three months from now, using the AthLEAN-X Training System…you’ll be sitting on top of YOUR world, like Lebron is in his.  For more details about the program CLICK HERE.

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Jeff Cavaliere is a Physical Therapist, Strength Coach and creator of the ATHLEAN-X Training Programs and ATHLEAN-Rx Supplements. He has a Masters in Physical Therapy (MSPT) and has worked as Head Physical Therapist for the New York Mets, as well as training many elite professional athletes in Major League Baseball, NFL, MMA and professional wrestling. His programs produce “next level” achievements in muscle size, strength and performance for professional athletes and anyone looking to build a muscular athletic physique.

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