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Are you working out hard enough to build muscle?

Hard enough to get stronger? WELL I can tell you this… Without this one thing, it will either not happen at all or happen very slowly! How hard is too hard?

How do you know if you’re training hard enough? It’s actually pretty easy to tell and more importantly…fix! See this in action with a cable crossover!

muscle-contraction-how-hard-to-get-strong-ytRemember… When all you worry about is getting a weight from point A to point B You are doing nothing more than exercising. And wasting time. If you want to truly get stronger and build muscle as quickly as possible…You have to get what I show you in this video right.



P.S. These are the kinds of things that most trainers either overlook, don’t understand, or take for granted. As a coach I feel that not only are the details important but they really do make all the difference in why I can get those that train with me…the fastest results possible.

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