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I just landed a few hours ago here in Houston Texas. Preparing WWE Icon Sting for his first ever WWE Championship match vs. Seth Rollins!

AND… As is often the case… I find my workout options limited. Until I break out… My Favorite Workout from ATHLEAN XERO!

If you aren’t familiar with XERO… It’s my 100% zero equipment needed workout program. No bands. No bars. No bench. No bull. Absolutely no gym needed!

Makes it perfect for either when I’m on the road, don’t have a lot of time, or simply like to train at home. This is one of those occasions.

Try this insane fat burning workout (Just 21 Minutes!)  

21-minute-home-fat-burning-workout-ytNever let your surroundings be an excuse for missing your workout. As you’ll see in this video… With the right attitude and the right workouts, there’s no stopping you from your ripped athletic body!




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