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Nothing puts a halt to your muscle building progress or sports performance than an injury. More specifically…An injured hamstring!

BUT…It doesn’t have to.  Check out my 2 step combo for “bulletproofing” your hamstrings!

hamstring-injury-glute-activation-ytAn injured hammy will make leg training impossible AND…Will sap a great deal of strength from ANY of your standing upper body movements.  Prevent the “Hammy Whammy” – 2 Steps

Just goes to show you…Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is right!  Done correctly, it truly is a science.  Make sure you share this with anyone you know who’s had hamstring issues and of course, do it yourself to help prevent ever having one!



P.S. Want to know the most interesting thing about hamstring injuries? It’s almost NEVER the fault of the hamstring!! See what I mean here.

P.P.S. Results not coming as quickly as you would have hoped from your workout routine? Probably falling short in the areas of muscle prioritization and sequencing (as you’ll see in this video) Let me help you fix that!

Train your muscles the way they are MEANT to be trained and see much faster results from your workouts!

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