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As one of the most fundamental functional exercises there is…You would think that squatting would be hard to screw up! BUT…The Butt Wink is one of the most common squat form mistakes. AND…It’s fixable.

If you know what’s truly causing it!  See What REALLY Causes the Butt Wink (and how to start fixing it!)

butt-wink-when-squatting-ytAs a physical therapist and trainer to All-Pro/All-Star athletes…It kills me when people think you can just “work out” and get results. Like any other movement…It requires coordination, skill, an understanding of it and a progressive plan for overload. Do you really look at your workouts this way?

If not…You should. Approach your training like an athlete here… and see safe, fast, plateau-free results!

Meantime, watch this one closely. Identify this common squat flaw and start fixing it (and the strength and size of your legs) as of today!



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