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Last week I shared with you…

One move to instantly increase your shoulder mobility and stop annoying “popping” in the joint.

Today… We’re working on the ankles!

Increase Ankle Mobility with This One Move As a matter of fact…

This drill not only offers a solution for chronic ankle sprainers, but helps you to squat lower, safer, instantly!

Fix Ankle Sprains and Squat Deeper (INSTANTLY!)

fix-ankle-sprains-squat-deeper-ytPutting the science back in strength in this one, but bear with me. This is totally worth the “nerdiness”! It will help you in so many ways.



P.S. Always amazes me how haphazardly people approach their workouts. No wonder they don’t see the results they should. Imagine how much faster you’d see gains if you were training with a purpose? You can, and I’d love to coach you through every workout.

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P.P.S. If you know someone who either has trouble getting the right mobility on their squats…or has a history of ankle sprains please be sure to share this one with them. It will definitely help.

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