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In Your Workouts? First of all, you ARE deadlifting right? OK… Just wanted to make sure you haven’t been avoiding this king of all exercises!

That said… You may not be doing THIS VERSION of the exercise I say it all the time… Even the slightest tweak to an exercise can make it a completely different challenge. For you… This is one challenge you can’t afford to overlook.

The Most Important Deadlift Variation You Can Do! Click here to see it in action

Deadlift-Variation-Suitcase-Deadlifts-ytRemember this… Your core strength is more important on the exercises you don’t think you’re working it than it is on the ones you know you’re working it! This is just another example of it. Try it and you’ll see!



P.S. With all of my ATHLEAN-X programs, core work is a central component of every workout. With over 130 direct ab/core exercises along with the tweaks we make to the more common strength moves, we put the core at the “core” of every exercise you do! Because of it, our users don’t just build ripped, athletic muscle but they get shredded abs and obliques as well. Want to start seeing yours do the same? Click here to build muscle at the same time you’re chiseling up your core Feel what “training like an athlete” can do for your body starting now!

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