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Let’s face it. Some exercises are more forgiving than others if you do them with bad form. Screw up a concentration curl and you’re repercussions are limited. Mess up the DEADLIFT? Ummmm….Much different story.

See how to master the setup with one easy to implement tip here… Lots of guys steer clear of this exercise all together…For the simple “intimidation” factor that it can present. BIG MISTAKE! Get it right and start seeing the HUGE benefits of this total body beast!

how-to-deadlift-properly-form-tip-ytAs a physical therapist and trainer to professional athletes…The functional power of the deadlift can’t be overlooked. If you’re ready to stop overlooking the very exercises, workouts, and nutrition plans that make elite pros bigger, faster and stronger than the regular guy…Then it’s time to start training like one!

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P.S. Did you know deadlifts are a better “pushing” exercise than “pulling” exercise? See what I mean in the video.

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